• Where do Bad Specifications Come From? - Sheldon Wolfe

    It's approaching ten years since I wrote "The Making of a Curmudgeon.*" In it, I reminisced about my decision to run for Institute Director and thinking, "Holy cow, when my term is done I'll be almost sixty!" Well, sixty came and went, and I recently celebrated my twentieth anniversary at my office.

    Milestones like that tend to make one look back, to think about what has happened, to think about what might have been. During my thirty years as a specifier, I thought things would improve, that specifications would get better, that relations within the construction team would become more collaborative and trusting, that drawing details would gradually lose the pesky problems that lead to problems in construction, and that, eventually, the construction process would be a thing of wonder, with few difficulties. I thought that when it came time to retire, I could look back on continual progress and leave knowing that the world was a better place, due at least in some part to what I had done.

  • Living Building Challenge - The Bullit Center

    A seminar by Steve Doub, Associate and Specifier with Miller Hull Partnership in Seattle, WA, presented at the CSI NW & WEST Bi-Region Conference in Seattle on 18 May 2017.

    As reported by Wally Holmen, RA, FCSI, CDT, Member Emeritus

    The Bullit Center was built in Seattle 4 years ago as an automated, performance designed, 5-story, timber-framed office building with a 25-year life cycle component. Steve Doub focused his session on the “Living Building Challenge” – both through a post occupancy evaluation of the Bullit Center and also by design strategies that are currently being developed for a new LBC classroom and laboratory at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

  • John Regener obituary
    We are sad to report that John Roland Regener, Jr., CSI, CCS, CCCA, SCIP passed away on May 31, 2017. John was a prominent specifications writer, former president of the Orange County chapter of CSI, and active in that chapter for many years. John was co-author of Construction Specifications Writing: Principles and Procedures, 6th Edition and an alumnus of UC Berkeley.
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