Dodge Data & Analytics Construction Outlook

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Dates: 4/12/2017, 06:00 PM - 08:30 PM PST
Location: Sir Francis Drake Hotel - San Francisco
Type: Meeting

The political environment has turned in a new direction. Although the construction industry continues to expand, political influences create some uncertainty in specific areas. For a full understanding of the issues impacting construction, including the new political environment, please join Cliff Brewis, Vice President of Operations with Dodge Data and Analytics (formerly McGraw-Hill Construction/Dodge) for the Dodge Data & Analytics Construction Outlook. Cliff will review how Dodge Data and Analytics expect the various sectors of the industry to behave in the months ahead.

The program will begin with a discussion of the major national economic influences and move to a more local perspective. Essentially, the presentation is an effort to help you anticipate how the industry will perform and better position your business for success.

Presenter: Cliff Brewis, Vice President Operation, Dodge Data & Analytics

Cliff Brewis is responsible for news gathering operations at Dodge Data & Analytics. He has been with McGraw-Hill for over 30 years in sales, planning, and operations, as well as customer support and marketing.

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