President's Message: January, 2018

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So, I'm sitting at my office the Tuesday morning before Thanksgiving. I'm overwhelmed by the number of client deliverables that are past due, the commitments and expectations of the next six weeks (which boils down to twenty working days), the wishes of family and friends for more time together and the 3,982 email messages waiting, opened but unsorted and unfiled, in my Outlook "IN" box. Doesn't even include the informal gatherings, hobby time, outdoor decoration and holiday TV specials I'd like to enjoy!

Then it hits me; I should be VERY thankful to have these "problems". We live in one of the most beautiful, varied, diverse, vibrant and visited areas of the world. We enjoy incredible weather and our opportunities for art, sport, fun and personal enrichment are limitless.

Among those many things I'm thankful for is the rich experience of being in CSI. My fellow members, our shared pursuit of improving the built environment, the social activities we engage in, and the confidence that results from adding to my own and others' body of knowledge is a singular privilege.

As we go through our daily routines, we all pass by opportunities to add a little bit of relief, hope, help or encouragement to the lives of those less fortunate. If we make one resolution for the new year, let it be to return to the world around us more "light" than "heat", more patience than pressure, more benefit than blame, more compliments than criticism.

I hope that you and yours had a very happy, safe and peaceful holiday season!

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