President's Message, January 2017

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Merideth Marschak

I sincerely hope that your winter holidays were full of enjoyment, peace, and happiness - and that the New Year brings good fortune. It was wonderful to see so many of our members at the joint Santa Clara Valley/San Francisco Holiday Party on December 1. Great company, food, music and dancing: It was well attended and fun event! Many many thanks to Rose Garrison, Katia Griggs, Hannah Moyer, and their committee for organizing this event! Closer to home base, we had our own informal meetup at Harrington’s in San Francisco on December 14. Noisy, but fun!

Please read on for the lineup of programs for our Spring meetings. We especially encourage all to participate in Pro-Fair, coming up on March 8. Please visit for more information and sponsorship opportunities.

We hope you’ve noticed that Specifics is coming to you in a new format this month. Following the lead of many other Chapters, this change is intended to make the newsletter more interactive, and easier to access on your phone or tablet. We’re on a learning curve, and are interested in your response to the “new” Specifics. We hope you’ll find it contains the information and connections you need, with easy navigation and legibility. Please Let us know what you think! Please consider sponsoring the Newsletter and the Chapter by advertising with us. A variety of formats and sponsorship levels are available.

The newsletter welcomes your thoughts and your photo contributions. Contact us if you have an article, an image, or a link to share. The newsletter transition effort is being led by Linda Stansen with support from Vivian Volz and Derek Payne.

Enormous thanks to Betsy Porter, who has been the Chapter’s Newsletter Editor for 18 years! At Construct 2014, Betsy’s contribution was recognized at the National Convention when the Chapter was given an award for Specifics. Not only has Betsy painstakingly edited virtually every article; she has maintained a photo archive that goes back to the days of film and halftones. She tries to assign the correct name and company affiliation to every face in every photo– an effort that takes great patience. Betsy’s help with our transition to a new format will be much appreciated. Meantime, she continues to craft specifications, and to make art in a variety of media. She has at least three lives!

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