• Apple Pie and Marmalade - Redux - Anne Whitacre

    About 25 years ago, I wrote a little piece called “Apple Pie and Marmalade” that was reprinted by manufacturers and also by various chapter newsletters.  Since the issues I discussed then are only getting worse, I thought it would be time for an update, because I’m still banging my head on my desk.

  • Building Envelope - or Building Enclosure? Sheldon Wolfe

    In October, I published "Tegularity," a discussion of the proper term for acoustic ceiling panels. (The title came from the name for a specific type of panel edge.) Shortly thereafter, in December 2016, I received a question from Anthony Capkun, editor for Electrical Business Magazine and former editor for the Construction Specifier. He asked, "What is the correct term these days: a) Building Envelope or b) Building Enclosure?"

    I responded that I had always used building envelope, and that that is the term I hear most often. But, having learned a long time ago that always hearing a term used in a particular manner does not mean that that is the correct term, I decided to investigate further.

  • President's Message, January 2017

    Merideth Marschak

    I sincerely hope that your winter holidays were full of enjoyment, peace, and happiness - and that the New Year brings good fortune. It was wonderful to see so many of our members at the joint Santa Clara Valley/San Francisco Holiday Party on December 1. Great company, food, music and dancing: It was well attended and fun event! Many many thanks to Rose Garrison, Katia Griggs, Hannah Moyer, and their committee for organizing this event! Closer to home base, we had our own informal meetup at Harrington’s in San Francisco on December 14. Noisy, but fun!

    Please read on for the lineup of programs for our Spring meetings. We especially encourage all to participate in Pro-Fair, coming up on March 8. Please visit http://www.pro-fair.net/ for more information and sponsorship opportunities.

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