• IPD for Small Projects - San Francisco Dinner Meeting

    Oscia Wilson, Owner, Boiled Architecture
    Author, The Owner's Guide to Starting Integrated Building Projects

    Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a delivery model originally developed and best known for large healthcare construction projects. What most people don’t know, however, is that IPD can and should be applied on medium and small projects as well. Oscia’s team recently completed the smallest known IPD project to date, as a proof-of-concept for the idea that IPD can be done on small-scale projects. The $55K commercial tenant improvement includes a multi-party contract and simple BIM.

    Dinner Venue: This is a trial run for a new venue, the Marriott Union Square.

  • Pro-Fair 2015 - San Francisco Show and Dinner

    San Francisco’s long running Pro-Fair is about creating and strengthening relationships, and sharing knowledge. First, browse the trade show and enjoy the cocktail hour, and meet the people who can make your next project better. Then join us for dinner, and hear Dr. Richard Diamond answer the compelling question "Why Don't Buildings Perform the Way We Want?"

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